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About Wes Scott Cycles

Wes Scott started working as a motorcycle mechanic at Broward Motorsport, a large Triumph dealership in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in March 1966, where he learned to work on Triumphs, BSA's, Nortons and other fine British made motorcycles. Wes continued to work full time at this Triumph shop for eleven years, during which time he went to Florida Atlantic University where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Ocean Engineering. After graduation, the market for engineering graduates was in a slump so Wes continued to work at the Triumph shop for another five years. Eventually, in 1977 he obtained an engineering job with a large Defense Contractor and began his engineering career.

In 1978, Wes began to re-pursue his passion for motorcycles by opening a small repair shop in Oakland Park, where he performed service on British bikes for some of his former customers. This was only to be a small part-time operation, at first, as Wes was working full time as an engineer. As time went along, this small part-time business grew larger, until it reached a point where it became a full time business. This is when Wes' son Jim came into the picture. Jim Scott had just finished a four-year stint in the Navy, where he had been trained to work on the Navy's largest gas turbine powered helicopters (CH-53's). With the high level of naval aircraft service training, and Jim's natural mechanical aptitude, he came to work at Wes Scott Cycles with much to offer. Jim since has opened his own portable welding business which is located adjacent to Wes Scott Cycles where he now provides certified welding and welding inspection services for clients in the South Florida area. Jim also helps out with some of the mechanical work when he is available.

Wes' two daughters, Kimberly and Carole also work at the shop where they take phone orders, sell parts, and assist in the mechanical preparation work required for the many total restoration projects that are usually underway on a continual basis.


Wes has over 44 years of experience with the repair of British Motorcycles and has attended various factory training schools sponsored by Triumph, Norton, Ducati, and Moto Guzzi. In addition, Wes is a registered professional engineer (in the mechanical engineering discipline) in the state of Florida. Jim has had four years of service in the U. S. Navy as an aircraft mechanic and over 15 years of on the job training at Wes Scott Cycles. Jim is also a certified welder and performs most of the welding repairs performed at Wes Scott Cycles.

Mission Statement

The Wes Scott Cycles team is carrying on the fine tradition of servicing and restoring British bikes for a large number of customers located in the South Florida area, and elsewhere throughout parts of the USA. Wes Scott Cycles has been "on-line" since 2001 to better service our local and long distance customers needs. This web site was created for our customer's use in obtaining parts, arranging service appointments, viewing some fine examples of some of our total restoration projects, and for answering technical questions.